New Organic Pantry online store

By Jean Werk

On 03/08/2020
Computer screen with new pantry store

The old dry goods store

Have you ever ordered dry goods online at FIG? For the past couple of years, we’ve been using a very basic online store software called Vend Ecommerce that was included with our Vend POS (Point-of-Sales) software. While it was easy to submit an order for products that we had in stock, there was no way for FIG members to review past orders. And the back-end interface for FIG admins was difficult to use due to some bugs.

Why a new separate online store?

Vend Ecommerce will be officially retired in August 2020. We’ve worked hard in the past couple of months to find an alternative for FIG members to order dry goods online while still using the inventory in Vend POS. We thought about integrating this in the online store on the FIG website but some pieces of software are not compatible with Vend. So we’ve created a separate online store which looks very similar to the FIG website.

We’ve called this new online store the FIG Organic Pantry. It does everything that the old Vend Ecommerce store did and more:

  • Order dry goods that actually are in stock.
  • Quickly add products to the cart from product category pages.
  • View your order history

You can now order from the new FIG Organic Pantry The old dry goods online store will be available until [insert date……………..].

If you have questions, please see the FAQ below or contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Organic Pantry order be ready?

If you order by Friday evening then your order will be packed on the coming Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday).

Why is the Organic Pantry a separate store?

The Organic Pantry store is connected to our Point-of-Sale solution called Vend. At the moment, Vend is not fully compatible with the technology used in our main store where we sell memberships, boxes and eggs. That’s why we had to separate the 2 stores.