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Membership Information and Fees

Food Integrity Group Co-op Ltd (FIG) offers a membership structure with details as follows.

Anyone joining the co-op for the first time must complete an application form and make a payment of a once-off joining fee of $10 plus the appropriate annual fee.

FIG is run as a co-operative which basically means we all share in the running of the group and the jobs needing to be done. It is not a shop where one can call by every other week to collect some produce, but a community co-operative we all share in and where we can all benefit from the wonderful produce and community connection. Without our wonderful volunteers, the co-op would not be able to operate!

The FIG year runs from July to June and the annual fees are scaled, with one amount for those able to volunteer (at least once a month or more) and a higher amount for those co-op members who are unable to volunteer at all, for whatever reason.


Join online

Fill in the online application form and pay online or in person at the Co-Op.

1-Year Membership

+ $10 joining fee

You volunteer at least once a month or more in one FIG year (July to June)

1-Year Membership

+ $10 joining fee

You cannot volunteer at all in one FIG year (July to June)

Join at the Co-Op

If you prefer to join in person at the Co-Op, please submit the Membership Application form and pay the relevant annual and joining fees at the desk by EFTPOS, cash or cheque, or by bank deposit (email us for account details).


Prorata rates

Membership fees are reduced when joining throughout the year.


  1. Concessions are available to pensioners, students and concession card holders and the fees for these members will be approximately half the above rates. Refer to the table above. Concession cards are to be shown upon joining.
  2. Volunteering at the co-op means helping on Monday in the setting up of the tables, produce & equipment, weighing and bagging produce, cashier duties, packing the bulk fruit orders, packing away, washing up and sweeping the floor at the end of the day, but also includes many other duties such as folding leaflets, answering email enquiries, writing articles on food, health and recipes, being a social media assistant, speaking at local community groups or running a workshop, and many other jobs throughout the year. Therefore those unable to assist of a Monday due to work commitments or having young children, etc, may be able to help out with other jobs at a time more convenient. For those of you only able to collect your food box late in the day, you may like to form part of the pack up team on a rotating basis.
  3. Volunteers are asked to sign in to the red roster folder at the desk each time they volunteer – for attendance records and insurance purposes.
  4. Co-op members are entitled to offer their organic or chemical free garden surplus for the extras table. This must be arranged in advance.
  5. Fees are due for renewal in June each year, and the joining fee is not payable for renewal of membership. See table above for pro rata rates for those joining during the year (Aug-June).

Please email if you have any further questions, or see any of the management folk, at the co-op on Monday.