What is FIG?

The Food Integrity Group Co-operative Limited.  FIG is a community run, not-for-profit organisation which began in 2009 and became incorporated early in 2012.

How did FIG start?

A small group of people concerned about the use of chemicals and GM in food growing and farming, and produce being shipped half way round the country or the world (amongst many other issues), and wanting safe, healthy and preferably local food for their families and...

Is all the produce local?

Eventually we would love to be able to say YES to this! We buy local where possible although this cannot be guaranteed year round due to seasonal fluctuations, the weather, time taken to grow trial crops and the simple fact not all produce is grown locally. At times...

Do I need to be a member to purchase the food?

People new to the co-op may order a trial mixed produce box for $35 before deciding if the co-op is going to be suitable, however after that initial sample they would be required to become a member of the co-operative.